Coaster Clubs

Image of Raptor captured at ACE event at Cedar Point

Posted 11/29/12

This year was the first year that I’ve joined some of the coaster clubs and they offer some great perks. The group ranges from people who just love the ride to people that know the nuts and bolts of the rides. They often offer perks such as behind the scenes tours and exclusive ride time (ERT). I had the chance to experience Hersheypark with the Coaster Crew group and Cedar Point with American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE).

During the special event at Hersheypark we had ERT on Fahrenheit in the morning. We then enjoyed lunch and had a behind the scenes tour of the Maintenance/Service/Employee area. The night was capped off with ERT on Skyrush, Hersheypark’s newest coaster. Along the way there were special prizes given away and other special events and activities planned.

The Cedar Point trip included a special free day because Indigo Films was recording footage for the upcoming second season of Insane Coaster Wars. The first hour or so of the first event was spent riding Magnum for the show. The rest of the day was mostly a free day to explore the park with an event or two offered during the day.

The first hour of the second day was spent with Indigo Films on Maverick. The second hour we had ERT on Millennium Force. The remainder of the day included some free time as well as a tour of Gatekeeper’s construction, lunch, a behind the scenes tour of one of the haunted mazes and a few other special events.

The Cedar Point getaway was a combination of Ace and the Great Ohio Coaster Club so the turnout was pretty big. The Coaster Crew outing was a bit more intimate but both were definitely a lot of fun. As a amusement park lover and photographer it was a great to get the chance to network as well as socialize with fellow coaster lovers.

There are a few other coaster clubs not mentioned here that I have not had time to explore. I recommend checking out what’s available in your area or nationwide. Ace has its main club and then individual clubs that are suited towards certain geographical areas. Prices for the individual can range from $10 to $60 or more. This means there is sure to be one that can suite your budget.

Until Next Time

Coasting on Fahrenheit with The Coaster Crew

The Coaster Crew photo after lunch at Hersheypark

Coasting with Ace and Great Ohio Coaster Club

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