The Wooden 360

Wooden frame and track coaster

El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure. All Wood Frame and steel covered wooden track.

This year is the year of the wood coaster with inversions. Iron Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Hades 360 at Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park are both existing coasters that will be transformed to include a 360 degree element. Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City will feature 3 inversions. All three parks are laying claim to having a wooden coaster that goes upside down. Knowledgeable coaster geeks such as me are at great debate over these claims.

Iron Rattler at Six Flags over Texas in San Antonio is getting all steel I beam track. This changes the coaster from Wooden to Steel Hybrid. Branson, Missouri’s Silver Dollar City’s new construction, Outlaw Run, uses steal track that closely resembles that of a wooden coaster. As Hades, located in Wisconsin Dells transforms to Hades 360 it will feature an inversion twisted wood track covered in metal. While Hades 360 comes closest to the standard wood definition it may be considered a wooden hybrid due to the fact that the structure is steel., the largest database on coasters, states that no matter the structure, it is a wooden coaster if the track consists of wood. Coaster connoisseurs will argue that the steel structure provides a smoother ride than one constructed with a wooden frame.

The construction at Six Flags is to me unarguably a steel coaster. Silver Dollar City’s Coaster is a tough call because it is steel but has the shape wood (does anyone know if there is wood inside?). To me Hades 360 is the closest to being the first wooden coaster with a wooden inversion.

What about son of Beast? It was the first modern wooden coaster to go upside but the structure for the failed loop was not made of wood.
The arguments on all sides aren’t that big of a deal. I just hope they don’t have the same fate as Son of Beast.

The linked videos below are all property of the park that created/posted them. They are linked from the official theme park youtube page of each park.

Hades 360

Outlaw Run

Iron Rattler

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