The Best Time to Take a Picture

For some reason I’m a sucker for the how to take a better picture article.  I almost always click the link to read the same 5 things that are drilled into my head every time I click one of these links.  Occasionally I read things that make me think or give me better ideas.  Those times are rare.

Today I decided to read another article and the second or third line down once again discussed the best time of day to take a picture.  Preaching that golden hour, either an hour after the sunrises or before it sets.   It seemed the article was trying to state that any time outside of that time was an incorrect time to properly take a good outdoor picture.


Shot in the bright sunlight – Middle of the day

They forgot to mention the blue hour, that hour before sunrise and after sunset when the sky glows an almost eerie blue, it creates some really great backlit images.  They also forgot to mention the other 20 hours of the day.  There is no exact perfect time to take an image.  Waiting for that golden hour may result in your subject being engulfed in shadow.  If you’re visiting a popular tourist attraction it may not be possible to use this guideline.

Let’s get rid of this “rule” (the only hard and fast rule in photography is that you have to take the lens cap off).  In place I say take a picture anytime you have the camera handy.  Also, don’t forget to take the lens cap off.


The Blue Hour – that hour between sunset and complete darkness

After dark – Painting with light

Dorney Park
Of Course the golden hour is a good time to take a picture but it’s not the only time.


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