What Kind of Photographer am I?

Since beginning this journey over 5 years ago I am often asked what my specialty is.  More specifically if I do portrait work.  People see the work I do and think I could do great portrait work.  The answer is yes, I do portrait sessions when I get the chance and am always looking to gain experience and capture the moment but my true love lies in the outdoor entertainment industry and destination travel.

I have worked in the amusement/outdoor entertainment/destination travel industry for almost a decade, allowing me insight into what goes on behind the scenes.  This also enables me to be knowledgeable on getting exciting and dramatic pictures.  My love of the outdoors, recreation and amusement parks has allowed me to capture some amazing images.

My business is divided into three areas, portrait work, art work, and commercial work.

The portrait part is something I mostly do in my spare time to gain experience.  A little discussed fact is that shooting anything, be it in or out of you genre of work helps you improve your overall photography skills.  I’ve often heard don’t shoot clouds, flowers or generic landscapes because they won’t sell.  The market is oversaturated with photographers in those categories.  Some of the first pictures I took were in those categories and helped me to see the light.

The artwork section of my business allows me a little freedom (both during the shoot and in editing) to capture the image I want and to do what I want with it.  It is great to explore and experiment with different angles, to see something photographically the way few others have.  Sometimes it’s not about reinventing the wheel, sometimes it’s about getting the same shot others have with a minor twist.

The commercial portion of my work largely goes towards social media.  I attempt to get companies to realize that quality photos can capture an audience’s attention much more quickly than poor out of focus ones can.  I’m always available for sessions to be used on websites and print ads as well.

Now that you’ve gotten to know a little bit more about me enjoy some pictures of what I shoot.

Dominator at Kings Dominion

Amusement Parks

Walt Disney Resort


Roundtop Mountain Resort

Ski Resorts

Hawks Kay

Destination travel

Lake Tobias

Zoos and Wildlife Parks


Shenandoah National Park - Skyline Drive

Local, State and National Parks


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